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The archives of the science fiction/super hero comic Dragon Knights

This comic has a rather complicated plot and continues from episode to episode. Therefore it's really one you should read it in the right order.


Mostly text

The SVG comics were designed to work in ASV3 (plug-in) but unfortunately changes to Internet Explorer now prevent some links from working. They also work fairly well in Renesis (plug-in),Opera, Mozila Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome with native SVG support. More details about browsers and plug-ins can be found at SVG Viewers. Comics marked NSVG are not SVG.

  • Warnings - things you should know about this comic's content and technical matters.
  • Intro Page - It's a good idea to read this before the comic. Background information and an introduction to SVG.
  • Promotion - How you can help to promote "Dragon Knights" and/or SVG
  • SVG Viewers - Adobe has anounced that intends to stop supporting and distributing its SVG viewer. The search is on for a replacement!
  • SVG Tutorial - How to use your SVG viewer
  • History - More detail than the Intro Page.
  • Mods - important information for the less nanotech literate. It probably clarifies some things that may mystify you in the comic - like what it means to "imbibe a modder". Much more detailed than the Intro page.
  • Jewish Temple - background information on the Jewish temple
  • Santa Maria - technical notes on this historic space ship and its legendary voyage to Centari. Updated 19/10/04
  • Red Bishop - technical notes on this reusable heavy lifter
  • Storm Rider - technical notes on this manned orbiter
  • Cornicopia - technical notes on this unmanned space shuttle.
  • Shizi Zhanzheng - technical notes on this Chinese orbiter.
  • Omega space station - technical notes on this space station.
  • Object's data transmission - you probably shouldn't read this before reading Trial of Humanity - part VII
  • SVG - why this format is good for comics

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